Greene County Hospital acquires ten new state-of-the-art beds

Greene County Hospital is equipping its ten (10) acute care rooms with state-of-the-art beds that are designed to promote patient comfort, reduce falls and improve the healthcare team’s ability to provide quality care.
The beds are made by Stryker which is one of the world’s leading technology companies. The Stryker Secure II beds have been equipped with new mattresses for comfort and health promotion. These beds provide a patient platform that meets patients’ needs as well as healthcare team accessibility and ease of care. Features such as a retractable bed frame, centrally located brake, intermediate siderail positioning and open architecture design help deliver convenience, flexibility and a level of safety for both patients and healthcare workers.
“This purchase allows us to increase patient satisfaction and safety as well as promote staff satisfaction,” said Dr. Marcia Pugh, CEO/Administrator.  “The Stryker beds and new mattresses will allow the hospital to offer the latest technology that will prepare us for a more integrated patient care environment.”
“The beds will be a huge step in our efforts to improve patient safety,” said Dr. Pugh. “They have levels of alarms that when set, will notify the staff if the patient attempts to exit the bed. This will positively impact our fall prevention program. The patient can also be weighed without stress and discomfort as the bed allows the staff to take a patient’s weight without taking them out of the bed”. These are just some of the features that make this bed the best choice for Greene County Hospital.
With the uncertainty of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), it is important to prepare and have the ability to provide the best possible care. Preparation will allow the healthcare team to provide high quality care to all the communities we serve as well as promote safety. This is just one project in the hospital’s efforts to improve its ability to provide the best care possible to all.
“The acquisition of new beds is one part of our strategy to modernize the facilities and equipment of the Greene County Health System,” said Pugh. ”The voters of Greene County will have a chance on vote ‘for’ Referendum No. 1, on the November 3rd election ballot, to provide four (4) mils of property tax revenues for the GCHS. These funds will help us to keep the hospital open and modernize and strengthen our services to the community.

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