SOS holds ‘Peoples Tribunal’ at Federal Courthouse in Montgomery, finds Tuberville and six Alabama Republican Congressmen guilty of seditious conspiracy

The Save Ourselves Movement for Justice and Democracy (SOS) held a “Peoples Tribunal” on the sidewalk in front of the Frank M. Johnson Jr. Federal Courthouse in Montgomery on Tuesday, January 26, 2021 at Noon.
The ‘Peoples Tribunal’ found that U. S. Senator Tommy Tuberville and six Republican Alabama Congressmen: Mo Brooks (5th District), Barry Moore (2nd District – Montgomery area), Mike Rogers (3rd District – Wiregrass), Robert Aderholt (4th District – central Alabama) and Gary Palmer (6th District – Birmingham) were guilty of undemocratic, criminal and racist acts when they voted on January 6, 2021 against certification of the votes of the Electoral College for President and Vice President.
Their votes came after an insurrectionist attack on the U. S. Capitol by a rightwing mob, inspired by President Trump, Mo Brooks and other Congressional leaders. Senator Tuberville and the Alabama Congressmen were challenging the votes of primarily African-Americans in the large cities, like Atlanta, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Detroit and Phoenix, of the swing states of Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.
The “Peoples Tribunal” indicted Senator Tuberville, Mo Brooks and the other Congresspeople for:•Seditious conspiracy – to interfere in the central functioning of our government – in this case the certification of the votes of the Electoral College for President Biden and Vice-President Harris.
•Solicitation of others to commit crimes to defeat democracy.
•Voter suppression and intimidation.
•Racism toward denying the legitimate rights of Black, Brown and poor people.
•Assault and Homicide against the Capitol police, District of
Columbia police and other innocent people caught up in the mobs murderous rage, which resulted in the death of five people and the serious injury of hundreds of others.
•Unlawful Possession of Firearms, Explosives and other Weapons.
•Interstate travel in the interest of racketeering and conspiracy.

•Vandalism, trespassing, and violations of restricted area provisions of Federal and local laws.
SOS, ANSC and Black Lives Matter leaders played the roles of judge, prosecutor and witnesses for the “Peoples Tribunal” to expose and condemn the actions of Tuberville and the six Congressmen. Witnesses present testimony and photographic exhibits of the crimes, including photos of a hangman noose erected by rioters outside the Capitol, demonstrators carrying Confederate flags in the Capitol and other images of the insurrection.
Members of SOS, ANSC and the public who attended the Tuesday protest served as the jury, which voted to convict these Alabama officials.
Faya Rose Toure, attorney, activist and SOS leader said, “Trump, Tuberville, Mo Brooks and one hundred congresspersons are guilty of attempted murder of democracy and the Constitution of the United States of America. Their efforts to disqualify the votes of Black and Brown people underlie their racist approach to the changing conditions and demographics of our nation. There must be consequences for their action.”
John Zippert, SOS Steering Committee member said, “The undemocratic and unacceptable actions of Trump, Tuberville and the six Congressmen has impact on many issues facing us going forward to contain the coronavirus, to achieve jobs and economic equity, to Expand Medicaid and other issues are dependent on responsive and responsible Congresspersons, not reckless insurrectionists”
Persons interested in learning more about or to support the protest may contact the SOS Survival Fund at 838 South Court Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36104; or call 334-262-0932; or visit on Facebook.

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