County Commission ratifies appointments to EMS Board; work session ends following disruptive behavior

At its regular monthly meeting, held Monday, February 8, 2021, the Greene County Commission ratified its appointments of Dr. Marcia Pugh and Mr. Joe Lee Powell to the Greene County EMS Board of Directors. The Greene County EMS Governing Body Bylaws (Article II) defines the composition and appointment of its Board of Directors: “ The Board of Directors shall be composed of seven members appointed in the manner prescribed in the Greene County Commissioners Ordinance.” The Ordinance clearly states that the County Commission shall have two appointments, the City of Eutaw shall have two appointments, the Town of Forkland has one appointment, the Town of Boligee has one appointment and the Town of Union shall have one appointment.
The newly appointed EMS Board Members from the local municipalities are as follows: from the City of Eutaw – Mr. Rodney Wesley and Mr. John Hann; from the Town of Union – Mrs. Ardelia Colvin; from the Town of Forkland – Mr. Mike Westmoreland; from the Town of Boligee – Mr. Walter Staples. The appointments were effective February 1, 2021.
The organizing meeting of the newly elected EMS Board is scheduled for Wednesday, February 10, 2021 at 5:30 pm at the William M. Branch Courthouse. The Covid-19 guidelines will be followed.
County Commission Work Session

The County Commission held is monthly work session as a conference call on Feb. 3, the Wednesday before its regular monthly meeting, at which time the commissioners share reports from their districts, receive reports from the engineer and the CFO, and decide on what items should go to the agenda for the upcoming commission meeting.  At the Feb. 3 work session (conference call) the commissioners discussed the new appointments to the Greene County EMS Board.  Commissioner Brown expressed concern that the EMS Director and perhaps some members of the outgoing EMS Board would resist the board changes.  Mr. Brown stated that traditionally White folk have a problem taking directions from Black folk. He explained that in the past the EMS staff has not complied with the County Commission’s request of all county boards that regular reports are submitted to the commission.  Commissioner Turner suggested that the commissions’ appointments to the EMS Board be ratified. The commissioners agreed to “send it to the agenda.Once the Commission Chairperson, Rolanda Summerville had adjourned the work session, EMS Director Nicholas Wilson spoke up saying that the meeting was not adjourned; this was a public meeting and he was entitled to speak. Wilson continued to take issue with Commissioner Brown’s statement concerning White Folk.  At this point others on the call were talking over one another.  Commissioner Corey Cockrell stated to Wilson that he could not  just try to take over someone else’s meeting.  Commissioner Summerville asked Attorney Hank Sanders to clarify the procedures for the commission’s work sessions.

Attorney Sanders attempted to explain that anyone desiring to get on the agenda for the work session may submit such a request, however, Wilson interrupted with Attorney Sanders asking him to allow him to finish. Wilson, in a seemingly angry voice, stated that he was going to finish and continued his disruption. Commissioner Summerville declared again that the meeting was adjourned and Wilson declared that it was not. Summerville then asked everyone to disconnect themselves from the call.
In other business of the February 8 meeting, the commission approved the following:

  • Levying of all county ad valorem taxes including the 4 mil tax approved by voters of Greene County in the Nov. 3, 2020 General Election.
    *Agreement with Terracon regarding the required 6” cover at the landfill in the amount of $5,775.

*Engineer Willie Branch to solicit proposals to resurface CR 133 from the interstate bridge to the intersection with CR 131.

*Purchase of 1/2 page AD in the Democrat’s Annual Black History Edition.

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