Merriweather is candidate for County Commission District 4

My name is Malcom Thomas Merriweather, Sr. and I am a candidate for District 4 County Commissioner here in Greene County, Alabama. I’ve lived, worked, and farmed here in the Forkland community for the past 40 years. My wife and I, along with our two sons Malcom (Jr.) and Tyler, are all active members of the Lloyd Chapel Missionary Baptist Church.
One question that people typically ask when you are a candidate in my position is, “why run for county commissioner?” The answer is straightforward. I was born and raised by both of my parents. I was married here, raised my family here, farm here, and plan to stay here long enough to see my grandchildren grow up in this part of the county. That’s four generations of the Merriweather bloodline in the Greene County Community. I am running for county commissioner because I want to see a difference in my community for future generations to come. 
 My Experience: My 35 years in the paper industry have granted me countless opportunities to manage and work alongside a diverse group of people in the public and private sector that stretches from Forkland, Alabama to Portland, Oregon. My years of experience with these groups of people have exposed me to the various challenges and obstacles that different demographics face keeping their businesses, counties, and state infrastructures in place. The plan would be to work together and implement knowledge as well as new technology for our community. This new technology will be focused on helping the citizens of Greene County understand the means and methods of creating/writing grants as well as sourcing outside funds for the community. With these measures, we aim to create new opportunities to reconstruct/revamp roads, bridges, schools, and hospitals.
  I want to see this county grow and upgrade in ways that we have not seen before. My proposal is to maintain the same small-town community feel, but have better roads, schools, and health care facilities for the people who are rooted here in Greene County. My vision is to also clean up the overall appearance of the county by putting a stop to the illegal dumping of trash/littering on the roadways.
As a member of this community, I take pride in where I am from. Let’s work together to make our district beautiful, safe, and clean for ourselves and the future generations to come. A new beginning for Greene County, Alabama starts here, and it starts with us. Let’s make a difference together now, so we have something to be proud of.
 I am asking you for your vote and trust. I will work hard for everyone here in District 4 to keep this community a place we can be proud to call home.
Your candidate for County Commissioner District 4 Greene County Alabama,
Malcom Thomas Merriweather, Sr.

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