School Board hears plans for JAG project; receives State testing results for accountability grades

The Greene County Board of Eduction met in regular session Monday, August 15, 2022 with all board members in attendance. As part of his report, Superintendent Dr. Corey Jones brought on staff directors to give various program summaries.

Ms. Teresa Atkins, Director of the Greene County High School Career Center, gave a summary report on the Jobs for Alabama Graduates (JAG) project. The school system was funded $65,000 in support of the project.
Ms. Atkins reported that the Greene County School District is excited to launch the JAG Program at Greene County Career Center.  Jobs for Alabama’s Graduates (JAG) identifies and provides educational support and success strategies for Alabama’s at-risk students.  “JAG-eligible students have been partnered with our Educational Specialist, Mrs. Shamyra Jones who will mentor, equip, and provide the support needed to graduate and succeed after high school.  JAG is unique in that it serves students often overlooked,” she stated.
Greene County School System received a start-up grant off $10,000 and a continuous grant of $55,000 to support the implementation of the program. According to Ms. Atkins, the system may request a larger JAG grant for next year.
Ms. Marshae Pelt, At-Risk and Testing Coordinator, presented the board with an overview of accountability regarding the State Testing results. The grades that are tested, referred to as accountability grades, include 3rd through 8th, tested through ACAP and the 11th grade utilizing the ACT Test. Ms. Pelt presented charts indicating student scores in Math and Reading from State Testing administered in March 2022.
Ms. Pelt presented an overview of the state assessments that at least 98% of students participated in during Spring 2022. Students in grades 2-8 participated in the ACAP Summative mandated assessment. At least 97% of students in the 11th grade participated in the ACT assessment, which included subjects: Math, Reading, English, and Science. Although various grades participated in the Science assessment, all students participated in the English/Language Arts and Math assessments.

Superintendent Jones shared how instructional coaches should be an asset in ensuring that teachers understand the data and provide professional development and professional support as students continue to demonstrate achievement growth.
Superintendent Jones gave an update on the schools enrollments to date and in comparison to the previous enrollments at opening of school. Eutaw Primary has enrolled 264 scholars so far this school term compared to 296 at the start of the 2021 school term. Robert Brown Middle School has enrolled 342 compared to 321 for the previous year; and Greene County High has enrolled 261, compared to 253 for the previous year. This year’s total enrollment to date is 867. Last year’s opening enrollment was 879. Dr. Jones stated that he receives daily reports on student enrollment and expects enrollment to increase.
The board approved the following personnel items recommended by the superintendent.
Employment – 2022-2023 School Term: Sarah Crawford, 2nd Grade Eutaw Primary School; JaMiyiah Smith, 5th Grade Teacher, Robert Brown Middle School; Ephraim Russell, Band Teacher, Greene County High School; Howard Crawford, In-School Suspension Teacher, Greene County High School; Alanda McEwen, Counselor, Robert Brown Middle School;
Resignations: Leanita Hunt, 6th Grade English Teacher, Robert Brown Middle School, effective September 2, 2022; Monquelle Wigfall, Special Education Teacher, Robert Brown Middle School, effective September 9, 2022; Katoya Quarles, 6th Grade Math Teacher, Robert Brown Middle School, effective August 31, 2022.
The board approved authorization of the following employees to work concessions and ticket booths for the 2022-2023 school year: Latanya Cockrell, Traci Hunter, Sara Brewer, Twelia Morris, Sharon Washington, Mary Henderson, Wanda Gaitor.
The board approved the following administrative items recommended by the superintendent.
* Payment of all bills, claims, and payroll.
* Bank reconciliations as submitted by Ms. Marquita Lennon, CSFO.
* Contract between Greene County Board and Criterion Consulting, Administrator Evaluations, Support Services for 2022-2023 school term.
* Contract between Greene County Board of Education and Southern Regional Education Board/School Improvement, for 2022-2023 school term.
* Contract between Greene County High School and Alabama High School Athletic Association Officials, to Officiate each football game; Approval of out of State Travel for Paula Calligan to attend Cosmetology Conference in Miami Florida.
* Contract between Greene County Board of Education and The Washington Consulting Group, LLC Training for New CNP Director.
* Contract between Greene County Board and Alabama Association of School Boards, Reorganizing/Reformatting of Policy Manual.
* Contract Agreement between Greene County Board and the Greene County Ambulance Services to provide emergency Medical Services during football Games.
Ms. Marquita Lennon, CSFO, presented the Financial Snapshot for July 31, 2022, including the following: General Fund Bank Balance – $2,936,667.68; Accounts Payable Check register – $854,065.40; Combined Ending fund Balance – $5,228,808.86; Total Local Revenue – $187,055; Operating Reserve – 5.14 combined general fund reserve; 2.91 cash reserve. All bank accounts have been reconciled.

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