Eutaw city councilman LaJeffery Carpenter indicted on three counts

Grand Jury of Greene County returns 21 true bills, including 20 felonies, one misdemeanor

The Grand Jury of Greene County, Alabama went into session on March 27, 2023 and ended the session on March 28, 2023. According to the Jury Foreperson, Kywon Benison, the Jurors were instructed by the Court regarding their duties and responsibilities.
According to the report issued, the Grand Jury considered various criminal charges against various defendants and return herewith 21true bills, some of which were multiple count indictments, resulting in 20 felonies and 1 misdemeanor. There were 27 cases continue, all being drug cases continued because there were no Certificates of Analysis from the Department of Forensic Sciences. There was 1 no bill returned and1 no action because it was previously indicted.
Pursuant to Alabama Code14-6-42, the Greene County Sheriff’s office has provided the Grand Jury with documentation verifying that a Prisoner Feeding Fund has been set up and is being maintained for the purpose of feeding the prisoners in the custody of the Greene County Sheriff Department.
Indictments returned include the following:
–LaJeffery Allentiz Carpenter was indicted on 3 Counts of Use of Official Position or Office for Personal Gain. Carpenter, a public official, District 2 Councilman of the City of Eutaw, Alabama, did intentionally use or cause to be use his official position or office to obtain personal gain for himself, to wit and several iPhone 12 belonging to the City of the Eutaw, and such use and gain were not otherwise specifically authorized by law, in violation of Section 36-25-5 (a) Code of Alabama, against the peace and dignity of the state of Alabama.
-Kyle Wesley Turner was indicted for Burglary Third degree, Criminal Mischief I and Criminal Mischief III.
-Gregory Birl was indicted for Felony DUI and Speeding.
-Byron Lamar Ellis was indicted for Murder.
-Derrick Dewayne Allen was indicted for theft of Property I.
-Quaviz Dejuan Robinson was indicted for Theft of Property I.
-Kenyon Deon Cheatem, Jr. was indicted on Assault II.
-Andrew Bell was indicted on Burglary III and Theft of Property III.


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