Leo Branch continues as School Board President; Veronica Richardson as Vice President

The Greene County Board of Education held is monthly meeting Monday, November 13, 2023 (one week early due to Thanksgiving Holiday), and conducted its annual reorganization process.
As the first item of business, school board legal counsel, Attorney Hank Sanders, declared all board offices vacant and called for nominations for the position of President. When there was no immediate response, he urged the board members to act on his request. Board member Robert Davis suggested that the officers remain the same. Attorney Sanders asked for a motion to that effect. Board member Veronica Richardson nominated Mr. Leo Branch for Board President; Mr. Davis offered the motion, seconded by Mr. Merriweather. The motion carried. Mr. Davis nominated Ms. Richardson for Board Vice-President; Mr. Branch offered the motion and Mr. Davis seconded. The motion carried.
The board’s monthly meeting schedule was not formally addressed, but it is assumed that the monthly meetings will continue on the third Monday at 4:30 pm at the Central Office.
The board approved the following personnel items recommend by Superintendent Dr. Corey Jones.
* Supplemental Contract: Howard Crawford, Junior Varsity Basketball Coach, Greene County High School.
* Employment: Arleen Jackson, bus aide; William Mack, full-time bus driver; Carol Caruthers, substitute bus driver.
The board approved the following administrative items recommended by Superintendent Jones.
* Contract between Greene County Board and West Central Official Association for Basketball Games at Robert Brown Middle School for 2023-2024 School Year.
* Memorandum of Understanding for Dual Enrollment between Alabama State University and Greene County Schools (Sophomore, Junior, and Senior-Level Students).
* Travel for Coach Rodney Wesley and Greene County High School basketball team to participate in the Holiday Classic, Biloxi Mississippi during Christmas Break.
* Quote from Bioremsci LLC for mold remediation in the amount of $4,995 for Greene County High School and Resource Center.
* Estimate from Bleachers and Seats.com in the amount of $9,148.52 to repair bleachers at Greene County High School.
* Contract between Greene County Board and Chante Myles-Rice for ACT Prep tutoring Services.
* Facilities Solutions Agreement between Cintas and Greene County Board for Carhartt Featherweight Coveralls for welding class.
Payment of all bills, claims, and payroll.
Bank reconciliations as submitted by Mrs. Marquita Lennon, CSFO.
In his report to the board, Attorney Hank Sanders noted that at the August 28, 2023 board meeting, a board member voted on a personnel item in error. He recommended that the Superintendent offer to present the August 28 personnel items again without item E-4. Dr. Jones presented the amended personnel items and, following a motion and a second, the board voted approval. Dr. Jones then recommended approval of Personnel item E-4 from August 28, 2023 meeting. Davis offered the motion to approve; Merriweather offered the second. Branch, Davis and Merriweather voted for the motion; Dancy and Richardson abstained.
CSFO Ms. Marquita Lennon presented Financial Snapshots for the months of September and October.
As of September 30, 2023: Operating Reserve = 4.88M combined general fund reserve; 4.09M cash reserve. All bank accounts have been reconciled. General Fund Bank Balance = $4,151,216.82 (reconciles to the Summary Cash report). Accounts Payable Check Register = $1,988,719.83; Payroll Register = $929,804.96 (Total gross pay to include employer match items). Combined Ending fund Balance = $5,882,474.60. Local Revenue: Property Taxes = 14.133; Sales Taxes – $104.374; Other Taxes = $1,067. Total Local Revenue = $119,574.
Financial Snapshot for October 31, 2023: Operating Reserve = 4.67M; Cash Reserve = 3.17M. All bank accounts have been reconciled. General Fund Bank Balance = $3,803,378.46 (reconciles to the Summary Cash Report). Accounts Payable Check Register = $666,469.46; Payroll Register = $916,873.41. (Total gross pay to include employer match items). Combined En ding Fund Balance = $5,606,094.26. Local Revenue: Property Taxes = $58,956; Sales Taxes = $110,736; Other Taxes = $2,920.
Superintendent Jones gave an update on reported COVID cases in the schools, with only one case in the previous two weeks. He presented positive news from the various schools including events for Teacher Appreciation Day; Students of the month; Fall Activity Fun Days; GCHS students visits to college campuses.

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