Greene County Commission inaugurated

On Sunday evening, November 13, 2022, the newly elected Greene County Commissioners were sworn in at the William M. Branch Courthouse in front of a full house of family, friends and political followers.

Probate Judge Rolonda Wedgeworth gave a welcome and greeting. Rev. John Kennard gave a Scripture Reading from John, Chapter 1, and an invocation prayer for the occasion. Marvin Turner on the saxophone and Bruce Parris on the keyboard provided musical selections.

Each of the commissioners was sworn in by a different person. Marilyn Sanford, City Clerk of Union, Alabama, administered the oath to Garria Spencer of District 1. His wife Althenia Spencer held the Bible. Spencer is newly elected to the position held by Lester ‘Bop’ Brown until his untimely death. Lester’s daughter, LaPortia Brown, was appointed to serve out her father’s term. Garria Spencer served on the Commission for two terms in the 1990’s.

District Judge Lillie Jones-Osborne swore in Tennyson Smith, District 2 and Allen Turner, current Chair, from District 4. LaPortia Brown held the Bible for Smith and Allen Turners father held the Bible for him.

Probate Judge Rolonda Wedgeworth swore in Corey Cockrell, District 3. Cockrell’s mother held the Bible for him.

District Judge Eddie Hardaway swore in Roshanda Summerville, District 5, with her son holding the Bible.

Commissioners Smith, Cockrell, Turner and Summerville will be joining the Commission for another term.

The new Greene County Commission will meet on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 at 4:45 PM for its first meeting. At this meeting, the Commission will elect a Chair, Vice Chair and make other assignments to the commissioners.

Marvin Childs qualifies for County Commission seat, District 5

To my fellow constituent,

I am Marvin Childs, it gives me great pleasure to announce that I have qualified to seek the office of Greene County Commission District #5.
My mission is to work on the behalf of you my constituents and do my best to answer questions and address your concerns and be forth coming with each of you.
I will work with other commissioners on infrastructure, jobs and Industries for our county. With that being said, I ask for your prayers most of all, then, your Vote and support in the May 24, 2022 Primary Election. May God bless and continue to keep you safe through this pandemic.

Sharlene French qualifies for County Commission,
District 5

To the Citizens of Greene County in District 5: I, Sharlene French, would like to introduce myself as a candidate for Greene County Commission, District 5. I am a lifelong resident of Greene County, raised in Boligee, AL I am ready to serve the people of District 5. I love providing service to my people. I care about health, safety and the welfare of all the citizens in Greene County. I will be an effective leader for district 5. I am asking for your support and vote to become your next County Commissioner. I look forward to working with all of you for the progress of Greene County. Vote Sharlene French for Greene County Commissioner, District 5.

Summerville seeks re-election as County Commissioner, District 5

Roshanda Summerville

Do not withhold good from those whom it is due, When it’s in your power to act. -Proverbs 3:27

Citizens of Greene County and Voters of District 5, I am seeking your support, prayers and votes to be re-elected as Greene County Commissioner District 5. My plan has always been relatively simple but also beneficial. When I took my oath back four years ago, it was to serve the voters of District 5 and the citizens of Greene County. I would like to continue representing and serving the citizens of Greene County and voters of District 5 with profound integrity and grace.
I am always dedicated, fair, and firm in what I believe will move Greene County and District 5 forward. I have made improvements to District 5 and Greene County and yet we still have a long way to go. I ask you, the voters of District 5, to vote for the obvious choice in the Primary Election on May 24, 2022 and re-elect Roshanda Summerville, a proven leader as Greene County Commissioner District 5. Keep Progress Working For You.

Alabama New South Alliance endorses local Greene County candidates

Arnelia ‘Shay’ Johnson
William Morgan
Mary Edwards Otieno

On Sunday, February 9, 2020 members of the Greene County Alabama New South Alliance met to screen and endorse local candidates for the March 3rd primary. There are several local contested races on the ballot along with the Democratic Party Presidential choice, Congressional races and some statewide positions.
The Alabama New South Alliance screens local candidates based on several criteria including: a. qualifications/experience, b. Community Involvement, c. Compatibility with ANSA Platform, d. Responsiveness to Questions and e. Electability. All candidates were invited to attend the screening.
For Greene County Revenue Commissioner, both candidates, incumbent Barbara McShan and challenger Arnelia ‘Shay’ Johnson appeared and were screened. They answered questions about their experience, qualifications, plans and community involvement. Arnelia ‘Shay’ Johnson received the endorsement in a close vote.
For Greene County Board of Education – District 3, William Morgan, incumbent came for the screening and answered questions.
His opponent, Veronica Richardson, did not attend the screening. ANSA endorsed William Morgan.
For Greene County Board of Education – District 5, incumbent Board member, Carrie Dancy did not attend the screening. Her opponent, Mary Edwards Otieno was screened and received the ANSA endorsement.
The ANSA will have sample ballots available next week and at the polls on Election Day to help people to make their choices.
Statewide candidates endorsed by ANSA include: Joe Biden for President, Laura Casey for Chair of the Alabama Public Service Commission, Billie Jean Young – State School Board-District 5 and Congressional candidates where there is opposition.
ANSA also urged a ‘No’ vote on Statewide Amendment No. 1 which provides for appointment of the State School Board by the Governor in place of the current system of election by districts.
Absentee ballots, including early walk-in voting, are available from the Circuit Clerk’s office in the Greene County Courthouse.