Democrat newspaper staff announce loss of long time worker, Laddi Jones

Laddi  Jones.jpg

Laird Jones aka Laddi Jones was born October 15, 1940 to the parents of Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Virginia Holt. Laddi passed away Sunday, October 15, 2017 at the Hospice of West Alabama.
Laddi Jones started working for the Greene County Democrat in June 1986 as a reporter, copy editor, photographer and darkroom technician. She worked for three decades until the end of 2014, retiring as Consulting Editor. She came to the Democrat after working as the Editor of the Livingston Home Record in Sumter County.
She loved covering crime and courtroom cases and became an advocate of criminal justice reform through her work in reporting on trials and criminal cases.
Laddi had her share of reliable “street news sources” and often was able to scoop other news outlets with details and information on criminal and political events beyond the official news briefings.
She was devoted to her two sons – Beau and Kevin – as well as her late husband, James Colvin of Union, Alabama.
All memorials and donations can be made to Hospice of West Alabama of Tuscaloosa.

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