EDITORIAL : Alabama voters have a clear choice in December 12 Special Election – Vote for Doug Jones

1200px-Doug_Jones_Flag                                                              Doug Jones

Alabama voters have a clear choice in the December 12 Special Election for U. S. Senator. Doug Jones, Democratic candidate, is the best choice for a future of justice and progress in our state.
Doug Jones has a clear record of service to people in Alabama, including successfully prosecuting two Klu Klux Klansmen who bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church, killing four little Black girls in 1963; prosecuting Eric Robert Rudolph, for bombing a women’s clinic in Birmingham and representing low income people and their organizations in his legal practice.
Doug Jones supports a legislative agenda that is built around ‘kitchen table’ issues for Alabama. He favors the continuation and expansion of healthcare, raising the minimum wage to a ‘liveable wage’, strengthening public education for all students, making college education more affordable and many other issues that will provide a progressive and prosperous future for Alabama families.
Doug’s extremist right-wing opponent, Republican Roy Moore, is a self appointed and self-anointed religious zealot who was dismissed twice from his position as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court for unethical and unconstitutional acts, which undermined the rule of law. Moore opposes civil rights for homosexual people, Muslims and others. Moore fully supports the Trump agenda for America, including ending the Affordable Care Act, tax cuts that favor the rich and opposing immigration. Moore and his family have also received lavish compensation from a foundation established to support their Constitutional views.
We were opposed to Roy Moore before the recent revelations of his sexual misconduct with teenage girls in Gadsden in the 1970’s. However, now that we know of these blemishes on his character, we are more certain that he will be an embarrassment to Alabama in the United States Senate. Alabama needs a Senator we can trust and believe will represent us honestly and with genuine concern for all people, especially those who have been neglected, mistreated and discriminated against.
The decision is clear, Doug Jones is the best choice for the future of Alabama on December 12.

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