EDITORIAL : Alabama voters have a clear choice in December 12 Special Election – Vote for Doug Jones

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Alabama voters have a clear choice in the December 12 Special Election for U. S. Senator. Doug Jones, Democratic candidate, is the best choice for a future of justice and progress in our state.
Doug Jones has a clear record of service to people in Alabama, including successfully prosecuting two Klu Klux Klansmen who bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church, killing four little Black girls in 1963; prosecuting Eric Robert Rudolph, for bombing a women’s clinic in Birmingham and representing low income people and their organizations in his legal practice.
Doug Jones supports a legislative agenda that is built around ‘kitchen table’ issues for Alabama. He favors the continuation and expansion of healthcare, raising the minimum wage to a ‘liveable wage’, strengthening public education for all students, making college education more affordable and many other issues that will provide a progressive and prosperous future for Alabama families.
Doug’s extremist right-wing opponent, Republican Roy Moore, is a self appointed and self-anointed religious zealot who was dismissed twice from his position as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court for unethical and unconstitutional acts, which undermined the rule of law. Moore opposes civil rights for homosexual people, Muslims and others. Moore fully supports the Trump agenda for America, including ending the Affordable Care Act, tax cuts that favor the rich and opposing immigration. Moore and his family have also received lavish compensation from a foundation established to support their Constitutional views.
We were opposed to Roy Moore before the recent revelations of his sexual misconduct with teenage girls in Gadsden in the 1970’s. However, now that we know of these blemishes on his character, we are more certain that he will be an embarrassment to Alabama in the United States Senate. Alabama needs a Senator we can trust and believe will represent us honestly and with genuine concern for all people, especially those who have been neglected, mistreated and discriminated against.
The decision is clear, Doug Jones is the best choice for the future of Alabama on December 12.

ANSA endorses Attorney Doug Jones, Birmingham, in the Democratic Primary for U. S. Senate on August 15

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Candidate Doug Jones with Greene County Commissioner Michael Williams (Dist. 5) at the ANSA screening


After a screening meeting with seven candidates for the position of U. S. Senator from Alabama, the Alabama New South Alliance unanimously endorsed Attorney Doug Jones of Birmingham for this position, in the statewide Democratic Primary set for August 15, 2017.
This is a special election, prescribed by Governor Kay Ivey to fill the U. S. Senate seat that was vacated by Jefferson Beauregard Sessions when he was selected to be U. S. Attorney General Luther Strange was appointed by Governor Robert Bentley to occupy this seat until the special election. Strange is running for the position in the Republican primary against several challengers including former Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, congressman Mo Brooks, and eight others.
“It was the unanimous consensus of our ANSA Screening Committee to endorse Doug Jones for this U. S. Senate position, in the Democratic Primary, in the Special Election on August 15, 2017. He met all of the criteria that we set up to measure candidates and he gave strong answers to a wide array of questions raised by our committee,” said Sharon Calhoun, Co-Chair of ANSA.
Doug Jones was the former U. S. Attorney for North Alabama, based in Birmingham from 1997 to 2002. He was appointed by President Clinton and confirmed by a Republican controlled Senate.

Jones is best known for the successful prosecution of those responsible for killing four young girls in the 1963 Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing.
In 2002, Jones was the lead prosecutor in the case that won murder convictions against Thomas Blanton and Bobby Frank Cherry for the bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church that killed four girls. The convictions came nearly 40 years after the 1963 bombing.
Jones also worked on the indictment of Birmingham abortion clinic bomber Eric Robert Rudolph, whose 1998 attack killed an off-duty police officer and severely injured a clinic nurse. Rudolph, who also placed a bomb at the Atlanta Olympics, was captured and convicted after Jones left office.
Jones has worked in private practice in Birmingham for the past 15 years and represented various clients including former Jefferson County Commissioner Chris McNair and others in various cases.
Jones said in his interview that Alabama officials spend too little time focused on the real concerns of the people — jobs, health care and education — and instead have “played on our fears and exploited our divisions for their own self interests.”
“We need leaders who people can talk to, reason with, and trust even if they don’t agree on every political position. We need leaders who people can talk to, reason with, and trust even if they don’t agree on every political position.”
Jones indicated that his work on the Birmingham church bombing cases had gained him a national following and reputation which would help in fundraising and support for his Senate race.
He told the ANSA Screening Committee, “ I want to work to use this Senate race to reinvigorate the Democratic Party in Alabama. This will be a transformational race and hopefully it will open the doors for the 2018 state races for Governor and Legislature.”
Seven candidates appeared before the ANSA Screening Committee on Saturday. They included six Democrats and one Republican. The Democrats in addition to Doug Jones were: Michael Hansen, Rev. Will Boyd, Jason E. Fisher, Vann Caldwell, and Brian McGee. The Republican was James Baretta.
“We want to encourage these candidates to stay active in the political process. We could only endorse one for this special election – but we will need many Democratic candidates in the 2018 election. We encourage these candidates to remain active with ANSC and ANSA and prepare for future elections,” said Gus Townes, ANSA Co-Chair.
For more information on the ANSA endorsement contact: Ms. Shelley Fearson – 334/262-0932