Benison seeks re-election as Sheriff



Sheriff Jonathan Joe Benison (1)

I, Jonathan “Joe” Benison, proudly announce my candidacy for re-election for Sheriff of Greene County in Alabama’s June 5, 2018 Primary Election.
I am a native of Greene County, having served Greene County early on in my career as a Deputy Sheriff under the late Honorable Sheriff Thomas Gilmore and the late Honorable Sheriff James Flannigan. I then proceeded with an upstanding career as an Alabama State Trooper for 24 years.
After less than a year of retirement, with my county’s support, I won the Democratic Primary in June 2010 and was appointed by then Governor Bob Riley to begin my first tenure as Sheriff early beginning December 2010.
After serving my first term, the citizens once again showed their trust in me and re-elected me for a second term as Sheriff of Greene County in 2014.
My diverse knowledge in law enforcement provides me with a unique experience that allows me to serve the citizens at the highest ability. Together, we can continue to make Greene County even better. Over my two terms, I set out to deliver more funding, more service and more stability for Greene County residents. I hope that I have exceeded your expectations because I have strived to do just that..

Since last election, Greene County has acquired its fifth bingo facility, resulting in yet another revenue stream to contribute to Greene County’s organizations and charities. The funding from bingo benefits each and every citizen. I want to continue to protect that resource for all citizens.
The Sheriff’s Department has obtained new equipment, patrol vehicles and a K-9 division all with the goal of better serving and protecting you in mind. Although tools and equipment are essential to our jobs, we want to be able to connect with the very citizens we serve. To accomplish this, I felt that diversity was the key. We recently added a female deputy to our team; a department that looks more like the people can better serve the people.
While these are just glimpses of what my team and I have accomplished, I hope you feel that we’ve made Greene County’s safety and progress our main goal over the years. I’d be honored to continue to be your Sheriff because we have more work to do. For 35 years, law enforcement has been my life; there is nothing else I’d rather dedicate myself to, there are no people I’d rather dedicate myself to than the residents of Greene County. Let’s continue to move forward. I want to keep protecting and serving the citizens of Greene County and keep fighting for Constitutional Amendment 743 that the good people of this great county voted for.
Accept no substitutions and let the work I’ve done speak for me. So please vote for me, Jonathan “Joe” Benison to be your Sheriff once again. Thank you and may God Bless us all.

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