Attorney Grace B. Stanford announces candidacy for Probate Judge


One of five children born to Arnold and Mary Belton, both of whom were born and reared in Boligee. “I was taught to trust in God, to value family, to study hard, and to build strong work ethics.”
“Respect, compassion and honesty toward everyone is paramount to me. And I believe that a person’s reputation speaks louder than any number of words.”
Stanford has spent more than twenty years practicing law, including Probate Law. She previously served as the Municipal Court Judge for the City of Eutaw. “These experiences will help me to efficiently carry-out the varied, and oftentimes complex, tasks of the Probate Court. And I enjoy working with and serving others,” she added.
She and her husband William, and their 16 year-old grandson are members of First Apostolic Church. “I enjoy living in Greene County mostly because of the quiet of the country and the close-knit communities.”
Mrs. Stanford said that her mission, if elected to serve as Probate Judge for Greene County, is to see more informational resources made available to the public on estate planning, property rights and inheritance laws; as well as to ensure that the Office continues to deliver exceptional service to every citizen and business of Greene County.
“Continuing the mission of exceptional services.”

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