Newswire: Applebee’s waitress in Kentucky told ‘we don’t tip black people’ by customers

By Yahoo News Service

Jasmine Brewer was left a racist note instead of a tip.

(Photo: Regina E. Boone via Facebook)

A woman has taken to social media to express her outrage after her daughter, a waitress, was left a racist note instead of a tip. Regina E. Boone of Kentucky posted a picture of the message, written on the back of a napkin, after her daughter, Jasmine Brewer, waited on a table of four at Applebee’s. The note said, “We don’t tip black people.” “THIS IS WHY THEY KNEEL!,” Boone wrote on Facebook, referring to the NFL protests against racism and police brutality. “You think racism does not exist, IT DOES! This was left for MY BABY tonight at Applebee’s in Radcliff, KY” she continued. “I don’t accept or tolerate disrespect! I’m furious but I know there’s a God in heaven who sits high and looks low! Racial and social justice! I kneel at the cross and stand for the pledge but racism is real! Take a look in the mirror. Are you strong enough to stand against it? I AM AND ALWAYS WILL BE!” The post has been shared hundreds of times and has received many messages of support. “This makes my heart sick,” one person wrote. “I pray your daughter isn’t poisoned by this hatred,” another said. “I’m so sad that in this ‘progressive’ world these things still happen,” read another comment. Boone told local news outlet WAVE that the outpouring of support had given her hope. “What it says is that there’s good in this world,” she said. “Not everyone sees color as the first thing they see when they meet someone.”

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