School board presented update on STEM Program in school system



Shown at Display of STEM Program, L to R: Nashambia Sewell, Science Teacher; School Board Members, Mr. William Morgan; Dr. Carol P. Zippert; Ms. Carrie Dancy; Ms. Kashaya Cockrell and Mr. Leo Branch. and Pictured: David Peterson, Joe N. Webb and Superintendent, Dr. James Carte displaying Citations.

At the regular meeting of the Greene County Board of Education, held Monday, October 15, 2018, Superintendent James Carter provided the board an update of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) program as it operates in the school system. Ms. Nashambia Sewell, who joined the school system as a science teacher this year, led the presentation on STEM skills and careers. She noted that a goal of the program is to guide students to think of the skills needed in today’s workplace. “Most employers want workers who are able to reason and solve problems using some math, science, or technology,” she indicated.

In addition to intensive course work, the STEM program will engage students in related exposures through various field trips. STEM is designed to prepare students for various careers, providing them with skills not just in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, but also in communication, creative abilities, leadership and organizational skills. Superintendent Carter reported that the Transportation Department received favorable review from the State Department of Education for school bus safety inspection for 2017. Citations were presented to transportation staff Johnny Pelt, David Peterson, Nathaniel Webb and Transportation Coordinator, Joe N. Webb for attaining the goal of excellence. Dr. Carter also noted that the Greene County School Board received the AASB School Board Member Academy President’s Award 2018 for demonstrating a commitment to excellence in education through boardsmanship training. Board member Kashaya Cockrell reached Levels 2 & 3 in AASB training; Board Member Carol Zippert reached Level 4. In other business, the board acted on the following personnel items recommended by the superintendent: * Approved the resignation of Ms. Sadie Moore, Secretary – Eutaw Primary School, Effective September 12, 2018 * Approved employment of Rachael Nixon, Secretary, Eutaw Primary School for 2018-2019 school year. * Approved employment of Wanda Gaitor, Part-time Secretary, Greene County High School, and Part-time Secretary at Greene County Career Center. Approved the appointment of Mr. Fredrick Square, as School District Safety Coordinator, for the 2018-2019 school year. The board acted on the following administrative services recommended by the superintendent: * Approved request to accept counter offer from Town of Boligee for Paramount School Property, pending clarification that it is for 15 acres and other conditions of use and pending completion of survey. * Approved request to survey and appraise Eatman School property. * Approved request to survey and appraise Mt. Hebron property. * Approve contract between Greene County Board and Kim Herren, Special Education Services for Greene County Head Start. * Approve contract between Greene County Board and Mattie Strode, Special Education Services for Homebound Students. * Approved contact between Greene County Board and Woods Therapeutic Services, Inc., for Special Education Personal Care Aides. * Approved contract for Greene County High School Basketball Team, to participate in interscholastic Athletic Contest against non-member school basketball tournament in Ft. Walton Beach Florida, December 27 – 29, 2018. * Approved contract between Greene County High School and West Central Official Association during the 2018-2019 school year. Approved field trip request for Eutaw Primary School to attend Audubon Aquarium and Zoo in New Orleans, May, 2019. Approved Career & Technical Education Policies: 1. Plan for Achieving Excellence; 2. Live Work Guidelines; 3. Instructions for Handling Career Tech Data; 4. Enrollment Procedures; 5. Safety Procedures; 6. Adult Sex Offender. The board approved the following instructional items. * Statement of Commitment regarding School Safety. * Policies for the following programs: 1. Student Suicide Prevention (Jason Flatt ACT); 2. Student Conduct and Supervision; 3.Corporal Punishment. Approve the following Plan and Policies for Federal Program for 2019: 1. Foster Care Plan; 2. LEA Consolidated Plan; 3. McKinney-Vento District Homeless Policy; 4. Dispute Resolution for Homeless, Foster Care, English Learner, Migrant, and Immigrant students; 5. Enrollment Policy for Homeless, Foster Care, English Learner Migrant and Immigrant Students. The financial reports were presented by Ms. LaVonda Blair, CSFO and Mr. Marvin Taylor, Interim CSFO.

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