Sandra Walker is candidate for Mayor of Eutaw

I, Sandra Walker, introduce myself as a candidate for Mayor of the City of Eutaw, Alabama. I have dedicated my life to helping and serving others. As a child, I dreamed of a life that was conducive to loving and treating others as I wanted to be treated; to extend help to the needy and to build a platform of refuge to those that were less fortunate. God has guided me through many life experiences which lay the foundation for what I hope will be my next step in service to others as the City of Eutaw’s Mayor.
After moving to Eutaw, Alabama in 2000, I have watched this flourishing city almost become a ghost town. It’s heartbreaking to know that while Eutaw is the “County Seat,” towns around it are building up, while it is diminishing.
As mayor I want to work with the city council and the citizens. Assess assets and needs, develop an action plan, work the plan, review, report, revise and regain solvency to support the city, its people, and the surrounding communities.
I can help make positive change happen. Applying my work experience and public service, I plan to use the knowledge and resources gained to strengthen and secure the fiscal foundation of the city that is needed to provide quality services and durable infrastructure for the citizens.
August 25, 2020, “Your Vote Is your Voice.” Elect Sandra (Sandy) Walker and Together We Can Win.

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