Sheila Hann Smith announces re-election campaign

I, Eutaw City Councilwoman Sheila Hann Smith, who proudly represents the citizens of District 4, announce that I will seek four more years representing the people on the Eutaw City Council.
Smith announced that she is running on a platform of cleaning up the Eutaw Water Department, which, she stated, has been mismanaged and operated in a corrupt manner. Smith began her crusade to clean up the Eutaw Water Department four years ago, and was recently successful in having the Mayor removed as Water Superintendent.
Smith is also leading the charge to hire a professional water superintendent to replace Mayor Steele in this role. Smith said, “The people of my district, and of the City of Eutaw, deserve a water department that is accountable, fair, and accurate. The sad reality is they have been shortchanged in this regard. I want four more years to oversee the reform of the water department to provide honest municipal government services.”

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