Alabama New South Alliance endorses candidates for the August 25th municipal elections

Sandra Walker

The Alabama New South Alliance (ANSA) met on Sunday afternoon to endorse candidates in the upcoming August 25th municipal elections in Eutaw and Forkland, Alabama.
Carol Zippert, Greene County chapter chairperson, welcomed the 30 ANSA members who partciapated in the screening. “I sent letters to every municipal candidate, in contested races, to attend the screening and decide on these endorsements.”
Judge Lillie Osborne, chair of the ANSA endorsement committee, explained the endorsement process. Each mayoral candidate was given 15 minutes, 3 minutes of introductory remarks and 12 minutes of questions, while council candidates were given 10 minutes, 2 minutes for opening remarks and 8 minutes of questions.
ANSA endorsed Sandra Walker for Mayor of Eutaw. She and two of her opponents, Latasha Johnson and Joe Lee Powell, attended the screening, however, incumbent Mayor Raymond Steele and Queena Bennett Whitehead did not attend to answer voter’s questions.
For Mayor of Forkland, the ANSA endorsed incumbent Charlie McAlpine, over his opponent Michael Barton, who did not attend the screening.
For the City of Eutaw, ANSA endorsed Valerie Watkins for City Council District 1. Opponent Ke’Undra Q. Cox attended the screening but Chandra Mayes did not.
For City of Eutaw, District 2, ANSA endorsed incumbent La’Jeffrey Carpenter over his opponent Bryant N. Snyder Jr., who both attended the screening and competed for the endorsement. The City Council District 3 seat is uncontested with Tracy Hunter, as the sole candidate who qualified.
Incumbent District 4 City Council member, Sheila H. Smith, was endorsed by ANSA. Her opponent Larry Coleman did not attend the screening.
For Eutaw City Council, District 5, the ANSA endorsed Rodney Wesley. His opponent Jaqueline Stewart did not attend the screening.
ANSA will publish a sample ballot with its endorsements to be distributed to the voters before the election and at the polls.
ANSA is the sister organization to the Alabama New South Coalition (ANSC) which is a statewide predominately Black and progressive social justice organization .
ANSC works year-round on civil rights and social justice issues such as Medicaid Expansion, police reform, voter suppression and other issues. Membership is open to the public at $30 a year – $25 for the state and $5 for the local chapter. Persons interested in joining may contact Carol Zippert, Greene County chapter president at 205-372-0525;

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