Newswire: Naomi Osaka pays tribute to Breonna Taylor during the US Open

Naomi Osaka with Breonna Taylor mask
A growing number of athletes are using their platforms to protest racial injustice and police violence.

Written By Marsha B. @introvertNthecity

It has been well over 150 days since the untimely death of Breonna Taylor.
Unfortunately, there has been zero progression in arresting the officers who shot her while she was asleep. In fact, local law enforcement is attempting to incriminate Breonna instead of bringing justice to her name.

The lawyers for Taylor’s family were reacting to the reports that local prosecutors offered Taylor’s incarcerated ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover a plea deal if he would claim she was a co-defendant in a drug case. The reported plea deal suggests that law enforcement was desperately looking for a way to incriminate Taylor and assassinate her character in death, which could prevent the case from progressing and keep the officers involved in the shooting from being arrested and charged with any crimes at all nearly six months after she was killed in her own home while sleeping.
It’s safe to say Breonna Taylor’s life isn’t valued by the U.S. justice system. Because her killers have not been arrested yet, celebrities are using their platforms to advocate for her. Oprah featured Breonna on the cover of O Magazine and a few celebrities were seen wearing “Arrest the Cops That Murdered Breonna Taylor” t-shirts. Tennis star Naomi Osaka brought awareness of Breonna Taylor’s senseless and preventable police killing to the vaunted courts of the US Open on Monday night.
Naomi donned a Breonna Taylor mask right before her match. This is one of many.
“I have seven,” Osaka told reporters, one for each match should she advance to the end of the tournament. “It’s quite sad that seven masks isn’t enough for the amount of names, so hopefully, I’ll get to the finals and you can see all of them.”
Can you imagine? If Naomi had a mask for every person killed because of police brutality, she’d have enough to last a few decades. There’s been an influx of athletes using their platform as a way to protest racial injustice. We’re proud of the way they’re stepping up to the plate. You can’t kill us and then expect us to keep you entertained.
But this is America.

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