SOS protests plans of Tuberville and Republican Congressional delegation to challenge Electoral College as undemocratic and racist

On Monday January 4, 2021, members of the Save Ourselves Movement for Justice and Democracy (SOS) held a protest and press conference at the Frank M. Johnson Federal Courthouse in Montgomery to denounce the actions of newly elected Senator Tommy Tuberville and all six of the Republican members of Alabama’s Congressional delegation, who plan to challenge the certification of the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
The action of SOS was to protest and denounce as anti-democratic and racist the planned actions of U. S. Senator Tommy Tuberville
and all six Republican Alabama Congressmembers: Mo Brooks (5th District – Huntsville area), Jerry Carl (1st District – Mobile area) and Barry Moore (2nd District – Montgomery area) Robert Aderholt (4th District – central Alabama),
Mike Rogers (3rd District – Wiregrass) Gary Palmer (6th District – Birmingham) to challenge the electoral votes of the states of Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Georgia on Wednesday January 6, 2021, when Congress meets to tabulate the results of the Electoral College.
On November 3, the American people voted for Joe Biden by a popular vote majority of more than 7 million votes. The Electoral College has voted on December 14, 2020, 306 to 232 to confirm Joe Biden as President and Kamala Harris as Vice-President of the United States. President Donald Trump has challenged this result in the Courts, State Legislatures and now wants Congress to award him victory in an election he did not win. His prior court cases, as many as 60 of them in different states, were denied or overruled by state and Federal judges, many named by Republican Presidents.
“We must protest the actions of our new U. S. Senator Tommy Tuberville and Republican Alabama Congresspersons who have said they were planning on challenging the Electoral College results. This is a racist and undemocratic act, to throw out votes, mostly Black and Brown votes in urban areas of these states, who voted overwhelming for Biden against Trump,” said Faya Rose Toure, an SOS Steering Committee Member.
“This fits the pattern of Black voter suppression, intimidation and disqualification that Trump and the Republican Party have long followed in Alabama and around the nation. These actions by Alabama Congresspersons, led by my own Congressman, Mo Brooks, is another example of trying to deny and discourage Black voters, which we cannot accept or tolerate.” said Jessica Fortune Barker, Huntsville leader of Lift Our Vote.
Judson Garner, an SOS youth leader from Montgomery, pointed out,
“Alabama Republican Congressmen and Senator Tuberville are challenging Pennsylvania for allowing people to vote absentee on an emergency basis because of the coronavirus pandemic, when we did the same in Alabama and many of these votes helped to elect these very same Congressmen, who are now objecting to this practice in other states. This is hypocritical!”
“We are concerned that Senator Tuberville and these Alabama Congresspeople are taking these undemocratic actions which will hurt ordinary Alabama citizens and make it more difficult for Biden-Harris to implement their agenda of health care reform, criminal justice reform and systematically ending the coronavirus pandemic. SOS has been fighting for many years for Medicaid Expansion and other steps to improve the quality of life for poor and working-class Alabamians. These steps by some in the Alabama delegation will be a set-back for this agenda,” said John Zippert, SOS Steering Committee. 62-0932
For more information, to join SOS or to contribute to its work, please contact the: SOS Survival Fund at 838 South Court Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36104; or call 334-262-0932; or visit us on Facebook and the World Wide Web.

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