Jimmie Benison announces candidacy for Greene County Sheriff

Hello fellow citizens. My name is Jimmie L. Benison, Sr. and I’m announcing my candidacy for Sheriff of Greene County. As many of you may know, this is my third time running for Greene County Sheriff, and you may wonder, why do I keep running. Well, I keep running because I keep caring. I’ve lived in Greene County all of my life and have worked in law enforcement for many years right here in Greene County and surrounding areas. I care that there are so many changes needed in our community.
I care that our schools need attention; our hospital needs help. We need care invested in our young children and so much more. As a father in law enforcement, I would rather see our young people in an after school facility than jail. I’m sure that we all share the same vision for our community. Better schools, more job opportunities, more industries, and better use of the resources that we do have.
We also need more transparency. As your Sheriff I can assure you that the county affairs under my jurisdiction will be an open book. My goal would be to form oversight committees to assure the proper use of our resources.
It is time for a change in our county, and I believe that the citizens are ready for a change. Together we can bring that about. So join me in making that change and vote Jimmie L. Benison, Sr., Sheriff of Greene County.


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