Christopher “Chris” Armstead wants to serve District 4 as County Commissioner

Residents of District 4, I desire to serve you as your next District 4 County Commissioner. If you give me 4, I will give you More. I have served on the Town of Forkland Council for the last five years and currently serve as Mayor Pro-tempore. I am employed with the Greene County Health Systems as Plant Operations & Information Technology (IT) Director. My wife, Denise, and I reside in Forkland, AL, and are the proud parents of 5 children.
I believe progression is more than mere words; progression should be seen and not just heard. My work as a councilor serves as a foundation in governmental leadership and demonstrates my strategy of progression for District 4. I will continue working toward a better future for every community, every household, and every person that resides in this district.
Collaboration, transparency, and accountability are the key attributes I will implement in moving our district to new heights. If you give me 4, I will give you More.
In only four years, I was instrumental in securing the first Dollar General in our district, reactivating a police force in our district, establishing a municipal court system in our district, and later this year, the first Public Safety Building in District 4 will be erected.
One of my most appreciated accomplishments involved opening the first Forkland Innovative Center, which was successfully comprised of computer and educational classes that focused on bridging the gap of technology with our senior citizens. Additionally, as chairperson of Forkland Parks & Recreation, the first Forkland Youth Center, a family-oriented amusement center featuring arcade games, virtual learning, and activities for the youth of our communities, will be opening in a few weeks. 
Conceptional plans revealing a total renovation of the Forkland Park are forthcoming with elaborate new features. If you give me 4, I will give you More.
I realize the need and understand the process of seeking and obtaining grant funds to improve infrastructure in our district. During the last four years, roads have been paved and water lines have been upgraded. Currently, collaborations are forth going for additional infrastructure projects.
District 4 can become a prosperous area, where progression is conducive to every resident and the residents of our surrounding communities. Therefore, constituents of District 4, I asked for your prayers, your support, and your vote on May 24, 2022. Let’s work Together to move Greene County forward. “If you give me 4, I’ll give your More!”

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