Kashaya Cockrell seeks re-election to School Board Seat, District 2

I am Kashaya Cockrell and I am a candidate for Re-Election to the Greene County Board of Education District # 2 in the Democratic Primary Election scheduled for May 24, 2022.
As you are aware, the coronavirus has caused disruptions in our school system. When the numbers rose in positive tests in the schools and in the community, we had to offer the academic program virtually, but through “God’s Grace” we’ve made it thus far, with no child lost due to this unforeseen pandemic. I am devastated that we have lost staff members. I am still praying for their families.
We have to stand together and continue to pray. God will help us to move forward. We are taking all protocols available in keeping everyone safe.
I am dedicated to working to provide the best educational preparation for our students. I have children in the Greene County School System, and as I work for their progress, I work for the progress of all children in the system.
I am asking you to go to the polls on May 24, 2022 and vote for me Kashaya Cockrell District #2 Greene County Board of Education. I will love to continue to serve you and to be a voice for our children. Please be safe. Thank You.

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