Greene County Commission adjusts budget for landfill closing, equipment purchase and election expenditures

The Greene County Commission held its monthly meeting, Tuesday, October 11, 2022, since Monday October 10 was observed as National Indigenous Peoples Day. Recommendations for 2022 budget amendments were key items on the agenda.  CFO Macaroy Underwood reported that three areas of the budget needed additional resources to cover expenditures.  The Primary Election and run-off required additional funds totaling $74,663.76 from the General Fund Account.  These costs included salaries and benefits, fees, training services, election supplies, postage and advertising.

Equipment for the Highway Department required an additional $717,140.76, supported by $595,985.05 transferred from Bond Funds and a $121,155.71 from a CD cashed-in. This cost was to support road and construction equipment for the Highway Department.

    The third area was the cost of closing the county’s Solid Waste Landfill.  According to County Engineer Willie Branch, the landfill had been out-of-use for approximately 14 years and the county had run out of extensions to affect the closing.  According to CFO Underwood, the landfill closure would cost $452,934.52 for construction labor, equipment and materials. Once the landfill is closed, the county must monitor it (for health and safety reasons) for the next 30 years.  Following extensive discussion of the available funding sources necessary for this project, the commission approved applying $260,000 from the rent received from Greenetrack, which Underwood noted, had not been allocated in the budget.  The remaining $192,934.52 needed would come from the county’s Bingo Fund.

The Commission approved the following board appointments. Dr. Karen Roberson Lewis was appointed by Commissioner Tennyson Smith, (District 2) to the Greene County Health System Board; Jonathan Woodruff was re-appointed by Commissioner Corey Cockrell (District 3) to the E-911 Board; Commissioner LaPortia Brown (District 1) re-appointed Sheila Daniels to the DHR Board. The appointment for District 3 Library Board was tabled.
In other business, the Commission acted on the following.
*Approved ADECA funds reimbursement for Vulcan Construction Materials.
*Approved advertising for two Solid Waste worker positions.
*Approved advertising for Assistant Engineer with EIT positions.
*Approved accepting annual bids with the County reserving the right to purchase off any allowable lower national, state or ACCA bid.
*Approved resuming sticker program (garbage pickup) and only picking up from customers with current stickers.
*Approved bid from Eaves Construction for Solid Waste Landfill closing.
*Approved Weather Preparedness Tax Holiday for February 24-26, 2023.

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