Official list of candidates who have qualified with the Election Manager to hold the office of Mayor and/or Councilman for the City of Eutaw:

Carl Davis
Hattie “Barnett” Edwards
Reginald J Spencer, Sr.
Raymond Steele

LaTasha Johnson
James “Truck” Lewis

La’Jeffery “Chris” Carpenter
Stanley Luscious

Joe L. Powell

Shelia Smith

Bennie L. Abrams III

I, Johnnie M Knott, Election Manager, do hereby attest that the above names have been submitted to appear on the official ballot for the Municipal Election to be held on Tuesday, August 23, 2016.

Respectively submitted:
Johnnie M Knott

Editor’s Note : The Democrat provides each candidate for office with an announcement, which includes a photograph and up to 300 words. Please contact us to make arrangements for your news story.

Edwards seeks re-election as mayor of City of Eutaw


Hattie Edwards Mayor Hattie Edwards

Dear Constituents,

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the voters of the great City of Eutaw for electing me to serve as your Mayor for the past four years. I would like to thank you for your confidence and your vote.
By the way, this is an election year. There are four men running for mayor again, against me, a woman trying to make a difference. The last four years were a challenge, but by the grace of the God I succeeded. I have secured over $5.2 million for the City of Eutaw, which will cover new digitally-read water meters as well as a new water tank, and two hundred new fire hydrants.  We will also be able to replace the pipes on Hwy. 14. The road that runs by Merchant & Farmers Bank (Prairie Avenue) is in the process of being paved. I’ve had new traffic lights installed – all in a four-year period. Just imagine what I will do if given the opportunity to serve another four years.
At this time, I’m asking for your support and vote in my re-election campaign for Mayor on Tuesday, August 23, 2016. You may be asked to go out to the polls to vote for a different candidate for this position for a number of reasons, but I’m asking for your support because I’m the person not only with experience but with the dedication and a strong determination to continue to move Eutaw forward.

During my four years as your Mayor I feel I’ve demonstrated exceptional commitment, loyalty and hard work. But my job is not over yet. I need your support and trust again, because I’m determined to move Eutaw to the next level with your help and support.
Therefore, let my experience of forty six (46) years as a public servant, of which 34 years were with the county, 8 years on the Eutaw City Council, the last 4 as Mayor, stand for something.

Hattie Barnett Edwards
Mayor of City of Eutaw





City of Eutaw receives $519,900 grant from ALDOT to pave Prairie Avenue


Mayor Hattie Edwards of Eutaw announced at the March 29, 2016 meeting of the Eutaw City Council that the State of Alabama Department of Transportation had made a grant to the city of $519,900 for repaving Prairie Avenue from Highway 11 (Boligee Street at the old Eutaw Drug location) to Highway 43.
This street is a major traffic thoroughfare that passes the U. S. Post Office, Merchants and Farmers Bank, the Greene County Democrat, The James Poole Memorial Library, King Village and Branch Heights. Construction on this project is scheduled to start in May 2016. The city and the county are still looking for funds to pave the streets within the Branch Heights Sub-division, which are in a state of serious disrepair.
At the March 29 meeting, the Eutaw City Council endorsed the work of SCORE (Sharing Christ Our Redeemer Enterprise) International and Domestic. SCORE is planning to hold a summer festival in Greene County on June 20-23, 2016 primarily to serve children and young people in the county. SCORE is exploring various options to hold the festival including the Eutaw City Park. The Council voted to give the group a letter of support.
The Council discussed an issue brought by John Campbell a volunteer with the Son Light Ministry Center of Jamison, Alabama that distributes day-old bread from bakeries in Alabama to poor people. The group, which had secured the approval of Police Chief Coleman to pass out bread at the vacant lot next to Solomon Drug Store, was sent away due to complaints from Piggly Wiggly and Solomon Drug.
Campbell requested the help of the City Council in finding a place for his charitable group to distribute bread. Several locations including the National Guard Armory, Eutaw Activity Center, Greene-Sumter Farmers Market shed, and the area and park behind City Hall. The Council said they would make the National Guard Armory available if the location was close enough to low income people in town.
Mayor Edwards announced that the City was scheduling meetings with area banks to seek interim financing for the $3.1 million USDA/Rural Development water system improvement loan and grant project. The city is required to finance the project through construction and then USDA comes in when it is built and inspected to the required specifications and approves it for payment, including the interim financing costs.
At the March 22, 29 and April 12, 2016 meetings, the Eutaw City Council took other actions:
– approved contract with CNI for $13,745 for billing softwear and training for the water department, this includes an additional $675 per quarter for on-going support;
– renewed contract with RDS for administering the City’s business licensure procedure;
– agreed to lift a freeze on hiring for the Street, Water and Police Departments;
– approved use of $9,000 from the City’s gasoline tax fund for the emergency paving in Branch Heights and the dirt road from Elm Street and Oak Street;
– supported the ‘Back to School Sales Tax Holiday’ for August 5 to 7 for sales tax abatement on school supplies. The estimated sales tax revenue loss to the city will be $3,500 for agreeing to this holiday.
– approved official travel for staff members to training conferences and payment of all bills through March 2016.

Holds Black History Program Eutaw Housing Authority swears in new officials

black history

The Eutaw Housing Authority Advisory Board swore in new officials at its regular meeting held February 23, 2016. The ceremony was conducted by City of Eutaw Municipal Judge Grace Stanford.  This event was followed by a Black History Program with a special focus on Greene County.

LaTarsha Johnson served as mistress of order, followed by a greeting from Jacqueline Davis. Faye L. Tyree recited a reading on Shirley Chisom as a pioneering African-American politician. Chisom was the first African American woman to serve in Congress and the first African American woman to run for President of the United States.
A panel consisting of Sara Duncan, Ovetta Smith, Leo Branch, Lorenzo French and Derrick Hall reflected by on history. Mrs. Ovetta Smith recalled times pass when she, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Julian Bond worked together to get people registered to vote. She also recalled an incident where Rev. Gilmore was beaten on the side of the head. She felt the injustice of it all just for standing up for what was right.
Leo Branch recalled the sit-in under the Oak Tree in Forkland singing We Shall Over Come. He recalled when there was a time when we were not allowed to get an education. Now you can. Every child can get the education they need.
Derrick Hall stated as a young man, his mother instilled in them to put God first, go to school and get the best education you can and respect your elders.
Ms. Sarah Duncan remembered that Gilmore and Branch where two main pioneers in the Greene County movement.  They had the community support back then. Everyone loved one other; helped one other. “Only when we come together on one accord can we move forward as we did back then. It is important our children know where we came from and why it is important to vote and know our history to make things better for our livelihood,” she stated.
Lorenzo French recited a Martin Luther King Jr. speech, his last one addressing the garbage workers in Tennessee. The youth present were asked questions and received prizes. Refreshments were served. The Black History program was enjoyed by all.