Community Gathering for a Community Conversation

Alabama New South Coalition
Greene County Chapter
c/o P.O. Box 82
Eutaw, AL 35462

October 20, 2017

To the Greene County Community

As we prepare to move Greene County forward, we are inviting you to participate in a Community Gathering for a Community Conversation, scheduled for Monday,
October 30, 2017, 6:00 p.m., at the Eutaw Activity Center.

We are inviting local mayors along with all council members, county commissioners, state representatives and other leaders who represent our area, as well as everyone who is interested in the growth of Greene County. We need your assistance in drawing our community together.

The Community Conversation will include topics on the status our local hospital; recreational services for our youth; the importance of voting and what voting can get us. Rev. Christopher Spencer, Pastor of St. Matthew Watson Baptist Church, has agreed to serve as moderator for this event.

We look forward to seeing you at the Community Gathering.


Thank you.



Carol P. Zippert
Chapter President

County buys new trucks; adjusts for voter registrars pay raise; imposes security deposit for Activity Center

The Greene County Commission, at its regular meeting held Monday, August 14, 2017, acted on various items carried over and placed on the agenda from the work session discussions of the previous week. The commission approved paying off an existing loan at Citizen Trust Bank on a garbage truck and beginning the process to acquire a loan to purchase a new garbage truck as well a new pick-up truck.
In addition to its current fee schedule for use of the Eutaw Activity Center, the commission approved imposing a security deposit of $150 which will be refunded to renter providing no damage has occurred during use.
As part of her budget amendments report, CFO Paula Bird informed the commission of an adjustment relative to the state mandated raise for County Voter Registrars.
In 2016 the Alabama Legislature raised the pay rate for registrars from $60 per day to $80 per day with maximum number of days for each registrar not to exceed 120 per year.

Following conclusion of required advertisement, the commission approved hiring a person in the solid waste division. Engineer Willie Branch oversees that process.
The commission approved a credit card policy which was adopted from basic policy drafts available through the Alabama Association of County Commissions.
Other actions approved by the commission included the following.
* Hiring a temporary driver for the Eutaw Nutrition Site.
* Providing access to courthouse restrooms during the annual Black Belt Folk Roots Festival.
* Purchasing items for the shop ($69,500) and equipment repairs ($5,000) from General Fund bingo funds and amending budget to reflect approved expenditures.
* Material agreement with Archie Bird, LLC.
* Developing a pit on County Road 117, providing basic standards are met.
* CD investment in amount of $110,416.41 with Robertson Banking Co., highest bidder.
* Budget amendment for expenditure for RSA retired members one time lump sum payment, funded from 2007 Bond Warrant.
* Renewed contracts with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama; S&W – Revenue/Appraisal; TriState-Appraisal; Delta Software-JOP; Digital Information Systems – IT Management for courthouse, jail and highway department.
The commission tabled an item dealing with requests for bridge abandonment.