Biden wins in Greene Co and statewide; Arnelia ‘Shay’ Johnson wins Revenue Commissioner; Richardson and Dancy win School Board races

Joe Biden
Arnelia ‘Shay’ Johnson
Veronica Richardson
Carrie Dancy

Joe Biden won the support of 1,782 (72.38%) Democratic voters in Greene County for the nomination to run for President.
Mike Bloomberg came in second with 406 votes (16.49) and Bernie Sanders was third with 191 (7.76%).
Statewide in Alabama Biden won with 63% of the votes, with Sanders finishing second and Bloomberg was third. Biden also won in other southern states on Super Tuesday including Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas.
The three races for local positions in Greene County were very close and decided by margins of less than one percent. Arnelia ‘Shay’ Johnson was nominated for the position of Greene County Revenue Commissioner by a vote of 1,154 (50.17%) to 1,146 (49.83%), a difference of 8 votes out of 2,300 cast in this race.
For Greene County Board of Education, District No. 3, Veronica Richardson with 292 (51.05) votes defeated William (Coach) Morgan, the incumbent school board member, with 280 votes, a margin of 12 votes.
For Greene County Board of Education, District No. 5, incumbent, Carrie Dancy with 233 votes (50.65%) defeated challenger Mary Edwards Otieno with 227 (49.35%) votes, a difference of just 6 votes.
Greene County voters, leading a statewide trend, defeated Statewide Amendment No. One by a vote of 2,312 (85.69%) to 386 (14.31%). This amendment would have transferred the power to select the Alabama State School Board from the voters to the Governor. This amendment lost statewide by two-thirds and was not supported by a majority of the voters in any county in the state.
In the Republican Primary, Trump was supported by 419 to 4 for Bill Weld. In the Senate race, in Greene County, Bradley Byrne received 103 votes, to 24 for Roy Moore, 140 for Jeff Sessions and 145 for Tommy Tuberville.
Statewide there will be a Republican run-off election on March 31, between Jeff Sessions and Tommy Tuberville for the Republican nomination to the U. S. Senate seat. The winner of this primary will face incumbent Senator Doug Jones, the Democratic nominee. Jones is considered among the most vulnerable Democratic candidates in the nation for the U. S. Senate. Doug Jones must win his re-election campaign, to help the Democratic effort to take control of the Senate and oust Sen. Mitch McConnel from his leadership position, which has blocked progressive legislation passed by the Democratically controlled House of Representatives.
Turnout in Greene County of 3,038 total votes was down from previous elections. The turnout was below 50% of the eligible registered voters in the county and reflected both the bad weather and the limited number of contested local elections in the county.
“Turnout must increase for the November General Election or Democrats will have a hard time winning statewide elections, like the Doug Jones, U. S. Senate race,” said an official of the local Alabama New South Coalition chapter.

Do not forget to vote – next Tuesday, March 3rd is a primary election day in Alabama

Next Tuesday, March 3, 2020, is a primary election day in Alabama and 14 other states which has earned the nickname of ‘Super Tuesday’.
In Alabama, there is a Democratic Presidential primary, where voters will award 52 delegates to a set of candidates including Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttagieg, Amy Klobuchar, Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer.
In the Republican primary voters will choose a candidate to run against incumbent U. S. Senator, Doug Jones, among the candidates are Jeff Sessions, Bradley Byrne, Tommy Tubberville, Roy Moore and others.
There are some statewide races for Public Service Commission, Supreme and Appellate Court judges.
In Greene County, there are local contests for Revenue Commissioner, School Board seats in Districts 3 and 5. Incumbent Revenue Commissioner, Mary McShan is opposed by challenger, Arnelia ‘Shay’ Johnson. In School Board District 3, incumbent William Morgan is opposed by Veronica Richardson and in School Board District 5, incumbent Carrie Dancy is challenged by Mary Edwards Otieno.
Another issue on the ballot is Amendment No. 1, which would move from an elected State School Board to a State School Board appointed by the Governor. The Alabama New South Alliance (ANSA) is recommending a ‘No’ vote on this amendment because it would limit democratic choice by the people of Alabama and give all of this decision making authority to the Governor.
The ANSA has endorsed Joe Biden for President, Laura Casey for Public Service Commission and Billie Jean Young for State School Board – District 5.
The local Greene County ANSA chapter has endorsed Arnelia ‘Shay’ Johnson for Revenue Commissioner, William Morgan for School Board District 3 and Mary Edwards Otieno for School Board District 5.

Alabama New South Alliance endorses Biden for President, Billie Jean Young for State School Board (District 5) and many others

Ivan Peebles a Greene County High School student and ANSC Board Member gives greetings at ANSC Luncheon. Mayor Randall Woodfin of Birmingham, keynote speaker and Everett West of Birmingham, ANSC Vice President sit at front table.
Billie Jean Young, Candidate for State School Board District 5, speaks at ANSA screening on Saturday.

The ANSA delegates heard from four candidates running for the District 5 State School Board position, which represents 15 counties across the south central part of the state.
Candidates Billie Jean Young, Tanya Smith Chestnut, Joanne Shun and Woodie Pugh addressed the group and answered questions about closing the school achievement gap for Black children, infusing Black history into the school curriculum and increasing resources for public education. Billie Jean Young received the endorsement.
Laura Casey, a Montgomery attorney was endorsed for Chair of the Alabama Public Service Commission over Robert Martin. In her screening, she exhibited a firm grasp of the problem of wresting control of energy policy and pricing from the utility companies, which is the role of the Public Service Commission.
The ANSA also had a spirited screening of candidates for U. S. Congress from around the state and endorsed: District 1 – James Averhart, District 2 – Nathan Mathis, District 3 – Adia Winfrey, District 4 – Rick Neighbors, District 7 – Terri Sewell.
The ANSA also endorsed incumbent Doug Jones for U. S. Senate, although he is not opposed and will not appear on the March 3 primary ballot.
ANSA also urged a ‘No’ vote on Statewide Amendment No. 1 which provides for appointment of the State School Board by the Governor in place of the current system of election by districts.
ANSA chapters around the state will have screenings for county and local candidates over the next two weeks and submit these recommendations to the state office to be included on sample ballots together with the endorsed statewide candidates, to be distributed at the polls for the March 3 primary election.
The Greene County ANSA membership will hold screenings for local candidates running for Revenue Commissioner and School Board seats in Districts 3, 4 and 5, on Sunday, February 9, 2020 at 4:00 PM at the Eutaw Activity Center.
After the ANSA endorsement screenings, the group reconvened for a luncheon as the Alabama New South Coalition. The group heard a greeting from Ivan Peeples, a Greene County high school senior and ANSC youth 2nd Vice-President. There were also remarks from William Scott of the U. S. Census Bureau on the importance of a full count for the 2020 Census, which will be held on April 1, 2020.
Mayor Randall Woodfin of Birmingham was the keynote luncheon speaker, who spoke on the importance of voting in the 2020n elections. He said, “We expect there will be disagreements in the March primary but we must come together and vote together in the November 3 General Election, to change the direction of this country.”
Woodfin stressed, “ The Democratic Party is the party of hope for people. The other side embraces fear and supports disunity. We must come together in November to use our ballots to change America and Alabama for the better.”
Persons interested in joining and leaning more about ANSC, may contact Shelley Fearson at the ANSC State Office in Montgomery at 334-262-0932; or Carol Zippert, Greene County ANSC at 205-372-0525.
Meeting in Montgomery on Saturday, February 1, more than 150 delegates to the Alabama New South Alliance (ANSA), a sister political organization of the Alabama New South Coalition (ANSC), made endorsements of candidates running in the March 3, 2020 primary.
ANSA members heard from candidates and asked them questions as part of the endorsement process.
Representatives of Presidential candidates: Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Michael Bloomberg were present and participated in the screening. Former Vice President Joe Biden received the ANSA endorsement.