Alabama National Guard sanitizes Greene County Health System facilities

Members of the Alabama National Guard prepare to clean and sanitize the Greene County Health System facilities.

On Thursday, April 30, 2020, ten members of the Alabama National Guard, 46th CERFP Infection Control Team, under the direction of Colonel Chris Coshatt came to sanitize the three facilities of the Greene County Health System in Eutaw.
“We really appreciate the work of the guard members who came and cleaned and fogged our Hospital, Nursing Home and Physicians Clinic. It was a sunny day, so we were able to take the patients and residents outside while the cleaning process took place,” said Dr. Marcia Pugh, CEO and Administrator of GCHS.
Dr. Pugh also said, “They let us know what cleaning agents and chemicals that they used so we can continue to maintain the utmost cleanliness and sanitation of our facilities.”
Dr. Pugh also advised that “We have tested all the residents of the Nursing Home. There were 25 positive cases and 17 of these were asymptomatic. We sent 8 residents to DCH. We have separated the negative and positive people in the Nursing Home. Some of the 17 asymptomatic are at the end of their 14-day quarantine. Half of those we sent to DCH have now been returned and unfortunately, two have passed on. These two had underlying conditions that contributed to their deaths from the coronavirus.”
As of this morning, Wednesday, May 6, 2020, the State of Alabama had 8,449 confirmed cases with 339 deaths; 108,296 people in the state have been tested and 1,138 are hospitalized. The 7 and 14 day average increase of cases in the state remains above 200 new cases per day.
For Greene County, as of today, there are 61 confirmed cases with 2 deaths and 258 total tests. For Sumter County, these are 85 cases, 4 deaths and 355 have been tested. In Hale County, there are 59 confirmed cases with 2 deaths and 375 total tests.
Gov. Kay Ivey’s polices have called for a loosening of some restrictions on retail stores, opening the Gulf Coast beaches and maintaining social distancing requirements. On May 15, the Governor will make another evaluation of health conditions in the state and determine which additional restrictions to remove, despite the fact that new cases have steadily increased and the infection has not yet subsided in the state.
People will need to remain vigilant of social distancing requirements, facial masks and limitations on public gatherings or the coronavirus epidemic may significantly increase again.

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