Legislative Re-districting changes districts that involve Greene County

Alabama House District showing District 72 which include all of Greene County

The Alabama Legislature, in its November Special Session, adopted a new redistricting plan for State Senate and State House of Representatives, reflecting changes in the population from the 2020 Census.

The new legislative districts are required to be equal in population with a deviation of no more than five per cent. The 2020 U. S. Census showed Alabama with 5,030,053 people. Ideally each Alabama House district should represent 47,905 people and each Alabama Senate district should represent 143,716.

Greene County was divided into two Alabama House districts in 2010 – districts 71 represented by A.J. McCampbell and district 72 represented by Ron Howard. For elections beginning with the May 24, 2022 primaries, all of Greene County will be in House District 72. House District 72 will include all of Greene, Hale and a part of Bibb and Tuscaloosa.

Representative A. J. McCampbell, who is a native of Greene County and represented a portion of the county in the past, will now represent a part of his home in Marengo, all of Sumter and parts of Pickens and Tuscaloosa counties.

Greene County will remain a part of Alabama Senate District 24, which includes all of Greene, Hale, Sumter, Marengo and Choctaw counties and a part of southern and western Tuscaloosa County. Senator Bobby Singleton currently represents District 24.

The Montgomery Advertiser says, “On paper, the maps appear to protect Republican supermajorities in state government. Republicans hold six of seven congressional seats; six of eight state school board seats; 77 of 105 House seats and 27 of 35 Senate seats. None of the congressional districts appear to be competitive, though a handful of legislative districts, most notably in Madison County, could be.”
Several lawsuits have been filed against the Congressional district redistricting plan but the state legislative redistricting plans have not been challenged.


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