County Commission approves bonuses for employees; makes committee assignments

At its regular meeting held Monday, December 13, 2021, the Greene County Commission approved a one-time bonus for all employees, with full time employees getting $2,000 each and part-time employees receiving $1,000 each. Disbursements of the same are scheduled for Friday, Dec.17. These resources are from the American Rescue Plan funds. Elected officials are not eligible for such payments.
Consideration of the employee bonuses was added to the agenda on a motion by Commissioner Roshanda Summerville with a second by Commissioner Corey Cockrell.
Commission committee assignments as designated by the chairperson were also made available at this meeting. Commission Chairperson Allen Turner is assigned to the Finance, Water and Housing Authority Committees; Commission Vice Chair, Lester Brown is assigned to the Highway and Solid Waste Committees; Commissioner Roshanda Summerville is assigned to the Personnel and Hospital Committees; Commissioner Tennyson Smith is assigned to the EMA and Education Committees and Commissioner Corey Cockrell is assigned to the PARA and the Industrial Committees.
Following an executive session, another item added to the agenda on a motion by Summerville and a second by Cockrell, the commission agreed to participate with one small defendant in a settlement regarding an Opioid Lawsuit. There are other larger defendants in the lawsuit.
The holiday schedule for county employees include two days off before Christmas and one day before New Year’s Day.
The commission took action on the following:
* Travel for the Chairman and three employees to the NACO legislative meeting Feb. 12-16, 2022 in Washington, D.C.
* Advertising for a mechanic.
* Liability coverage renewal for 2022.
* Updating copy machine for Probate Judge’s office.
* Extending garbage exemptions through January 2022.
* Highway bids.
* Applying for an Industrial Access Grant for County Road 117.
* Allowing engineer to solicit bids to replace fence at Highway Department.
Public hearing regarding County Road 138.
In the financial report presented by CFO Macaroy Underwood, accounts payable for November totaled $378,391.23; payroll transfer totaled $236,456.84 and fiduciary totaled $82,179.88 with total claims at $697,027.95. Electronic claims totaled $86,880.94.
Bank balances as of Nov. 22, 2021: Citizen Trust Bank – $4,651,285.66; Merchants & Farmers Bank – $4,937,362.35; Bond Funds – $1,100,778.56.
At the close of the meeting, the commission held a holiday tree lighting in the courthouse foyer with refreshments.

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