Terri Sewell brings her ‘Congress in your community tour’ to Boligee, Alabama

Alabama’s 7th District Congresswoman Terri Sewell brought her ‘Congress in your community tour’ to Boligee, Alabama on April 19, 2022. She is with Mayor Hattie Samuels of Boligee, in photo, who introduced her at the meeting.
Sewell spoke about working hard in Congress to bring the funding and benefits of the American Rescue Plan and Infrastructure bills to her Alabama Black Belt district, which includes Greene County.
“We are doing better under President Biden than President Trump. We are getting our fair share and there is more equity and accountability to the people, in this Administration,” said Sewell. She also pointed out that she was the only member of the Alabama Congressional delegation to actually vote for the Infrastructure bill. “ I have let the state agencies handing the infrastructure funds for roads, bridges, broadband and other improvements know our priorities in the Black Belt,” said Sewell.
Sewell said she will continue her fight for voting rights despite the Senate’s failure to pass it or bypass the filibuster to approve the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. After answering some voter questions, Sewell said she was going to visit Branch Heights to view the tornado damage there firsthand and see what she could do to provide resources to assist the people who suffered damages to their homes.

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