Alabama New South Alliance endorses local Greene County candidates

Arnelia ‘Shay’ Johnson
William Morgan
Mary Edwards Otieno

On Sunday, February 9, 2020 members of the Greene County Alabama New South Alliance met to screen and endorse local candidates for the March 3rd primary. There are several local contested races on the ballot along with the Democratic Party Presidential choice, Congressional races and some statewide positions.
The Alabama New South Alliance screens local candidates based on several criteria including: a. qualifications/experience, b. Community Involvement, c. Compatibility with ANSA Platform, d. Responsiveness to Questions and e. Electability. All candidates were invited to attend the screening.
For Greene County Revenue Commissioner, both candidates, incumbent Barbara McShan and challenger Arnelia ‘Shay’ Johnson appeared and were screened. They answered questions about their experience, qualifications, plans and community involvement. Arnelia ‘Shay’ Johnson received the endorsement in a close vote.
For Greene County Board of Education – District 3, William Morgan, incumbent came for the screening and answered questions.
His opponent, Veronica Richardson, did not attend the screening. ANSA endorsed William Morgan.
For Greene County Board of Education – District 5, incumbent Board member, Carrie Dancy did not attend the screening. Her opponent, Mary Edwards Otieno was screened and received the ANSA endorsement.
The ANSA will have sample ballots available next week and at the polls on Election Day to help people to make their choices.
Statewide candidates endorsed by ANSA include: Joe Biden for President, Laura Casey for Chair of the Alabama Public Service Commission, Billie Jean Young – State School Board-District 5 and Congressional candidates where there is opposition.
ANSA also urged a ‘No’ vote on Statewide Amendment No. 1 which provides for appointment of the State School Board by the Governor in place of the current system of election by districts.
Absentee ballots, including early walk-in voting, are available from the Circuit Clerk’s office in the Greene County Courthouse.

Governor Kay Ivy appoints Barbara McShan as Greene County Revenue Commissioner

Barbara McShan.jpg

Barbara McShan, newly appointed Greene County Revenue Commissioner, is congratulated by Tennyson Smith, Greene County Commission Chairperson. McShan shares the letter from Governor Kay Ivy affirming her appointment.

Barbara A. McShan has been appointed Greene County Revenue Commissioner, effective July 1, 2018, serving the remainder of the term held by Brenda Goree, which expires in 2020. Goree requested her retirement as Revenue Commissioner in October 2017. It will go into effect on June 30, 2018.
Prior to Governor Kay Ivy’s appointment in a letter dated April 20, 2018, Barbara McShan served as Chief Clerk in the Revenue Commissioner’s office. She moved into that office from a part time position with the then Tax Collector.

In 2002, the offices of Greene County Tax Collector and Tax Assessor were combined, through legislative action, to form the office of the Greene County Revenue Commission. Goree was the county’s last Tax Collector and Rev. John Kennard was the county’s last Tax Assessor. That same year, in a countywide election, Ms. Brenda Goree was elected as the county’s first Revenue Commissioner and was successful in subsequent elections. She continues to serves in that capacity until her retirement is effective.
According to Ms. McShan, several persons applied for the unexpired position as Revenue Commissioner and were probably interviewed as well. She indicated that she was very happy that the governor selected her. “I love my job. I meet so many people. I feel that, through my work, I actually know everybody in Greene County,” she said.
She explained that although the Revenue Commissioner’s office handles various licenses, mobile home registrations, property assessments and property taxes, she has never experienced a citizen getting upset with anyone in the office. “Even when their taxes are delinquent, they come in and calmly pay the tax,” she stated.
When asked her response to Governor Ivy’s appointment of McShan, Goree stated: “I am so glad the governor appointed someone local and someone who has worked for many years in the Revenue Commission’s office. Ms. McShan knows the job. I am confident that she will keep the public informed, and will maintain accurate records including safeguarding public funds,” She said.
Goree also indicated that she will be available to assist McShan in her official transition.
The Revenue Commission’s seat, a six year term, comes up for election in 2020, however Ms. McShan indicated she is not considering running for the position. “I think at that time I will be ready to retire and rest,” she said.